Ancestors of Naomi June BENSON

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Privacy policy


Many people, particularly genealogists, seem confused about the Australian privacy laws and what can or canít be published on the internet.Most concerns relate to living people.


The Australian Attorney-General has published a brief fact sheet on Privacy and how it relates to genealogy.


A careful reading of this document indicates that the collection, compilation, storage and publishing of genealogy data for non-commercial, family history purposes is not prevented by our Privacy Laws, particularly information which is on public record, eg births, deaths & marriages, newspaper articles and notices, probate records, etc.In fact, specific exemptions are given to individuals researching their family.


Consequently, I have no qualms about publishing information on my family, whether deceased or living.However, the information published on living people is restricted to their name and date and place of their birth, christening and marriage(s).Occasionally a photograph may also be published and of course, details about an individualís immediate family will be shown.


Having said all of that, should any living individual have any concerns or object to any of their personal information appearing on this site, then please do not hesitate to contact me as I am only too willing to remove the offending material at your request.



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